Salma Okonkwo honoured as ‘Female Energy Personality of the Year 2019’

If you are a female seeking inspiration from a fellow woman who has blazed the trail in excellence, then Salma Okonkwo should be the inspiration […]

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Salma Featured In Forbes

For more than a decade, one 48-year-old entrepreneur in Ghana has been quietly building up a multimillion-dollar oil and gas outfit called UBI Group. Salma Okonkwo […]

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Women in the driver’s seat – Washington Post Article

A Ghanaian oil-supply company with a strong female focus is set to up its own gas-station network. Read More

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UBI Adding Value – Ghana Report August 2011

Among the top-10 companies in Ghana, UBI Group is an energy service company with four distinct branches in marketing, trading, logistics, and storage. Read More

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A local energy distributor with a green, global reach.

As the energy grid expands and diversifies across West Africa and the whole of the continent, new suppliers are entering the country at a rapid […]

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